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I’ll help you take the risk out of social media communication so your school community can safely celebrate. With my Social Media Framework, you will know how to ‘fix pain and problems’; ‘prevent pain and problems’; and generate a positive school identity.

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No school should be judged by a social media crisis

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What makes my process so different?

‘Peter Sutton is an expert at cutting through the waffle and clichés surrounding the use of social media. He offers a straightforward, warm and anecdotal response and is a brilliant source in deciphering online trends and dangers for people.’

Louise Roberts Executive Editor – The Daily Telegraph Newscorp

Understanding social media risk and the impact of social media on schools.

Schools adopt social media without a rich understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. They are often unaware of their risk, do not effectively integrate social media with other communication tools or maximise its potential for their community.

Social media risk is strongly influenced by the level of knowledge, activity and support within a school. Risk pivots on the behaviours of students, parents and teachers leaving schools no choice but to be highly proactive.

‘Tragedy struck our school community and Peter knew the impact of how death would play out online. He delicately walked with us to support the school and community during this difficult time.’ - Ken Barwick Principal

Playing by the rules, social media policies and procedures

Social media blurs our personal and professional lives. Personal values do not always align with those of a workplace. Social media policies and procedures are critical in schools to articulate the professional responsibilities of employees.

Social media in schools requires social media ‘specific’ policies and those policies where social media may have a direct or indirect impact.

‘Fire struck our school and Peter's advice was invaluable. What to post, where to post and how to meet our community's expectations were worked through with Peter's professional expertise.’ - Anne van Dartel Principal

Getting social media 'fit' for high performance

A school’s social media journey is never linear and every implementation has an anatomy of its own. Just as a marathon is always going to be a 42.2km event, the runners hail from a wide spectrum and their goals are varied.

Schools on the social media startline are no different — some want to get fit, some want to perform. The base criteria for success are the same for both camps focusing on skills, knowledge and practise.

'Peter tells you how to develop a consistent message over social media that is underpinned by the core values of the school. He imparts useful information about  photography and videography, and how to present a professional image for your community' - Penny Granger Principal

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