'Implementing your 'small school' plan can be frustrating'

Take the isolation out of your leadership and work collaboratively 'on' your school with other small school leaders

‘Taking the pain out of your small school's plan'

Small schools are different! They have specific needs that require specific innovations.

'As an ex-small school principal I understand the challenge and the beauty of working in these rich educational environments'

'Action By Design' small schools program.

Using a simple 'appreciative inquiry' process of envisioning what will be, discovering your strengths, designing your actions and keeping you accountable I have successfully worked with 500+ schools and counting on their strategic plans, communication and community engagement.

What is 'Action By Design'

'ACTION BY DESIGN', is a simple, powerful project management, coaching and support process that brings your school plan to life in your community, specifically designed for small schools. Running over a 12-month period:

  • Get 10-hours of live video conference planning and support time
  • Coaching and feedback on actioning your plan by an international award winning educator
  • Breakdown your school milestones into weekly achievable tasks
  • Create an online project management system for your milestones and evidence collection via an online platform

Why 'Action by Design'

The key element of any strategic plan is the ability of the school leaders to commit to effective action on a regular basis while developing systems and processes. This is often difficult to scale in a small school so:

  • Learn to work 'on' your school not 'in' your school
  • Build your systems and processes
  • Deliver your plan with external support and accountability
  • Focus your in-school team and collect evidence as you go

How does 'Action By Design' work in your school?

Your 12-month 'Action By Design' program includes a range of services to provide you with the best opportunity for school improvement success including:

  • A 2-hour introductory professional learning workshop on managing the projects of your choice via live video conference
  • 2 x 1-hour planning and check-in live video conferences per term
  • A project management map to record action and collect evidence for easy reporting
  • Working as a Principal and include your school staff

What projects can I work on to improve my school?

The beauty of being part of the 'Action By Design' program means you can work on any project you have identified as part of your school plan. All you need is your school plan, your milestones and a school-based team. Projects schools have recently completed with us include:

  • Communication and community engagement strategies
  • Learning and teaching strategies
  • Blended learning and the application of technology in learning, teaching and school operations
  • Profiling, mentoring and coaching school leaders
  • School beautification

If you cannot see an area of interest above this is not a problem as the process will enable you to explore it through 'Action By Design'.

3 easy steps to get you started