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  • Building bonds at Glenroi Heights Public School

    The school and parents felt they had disconnected from the importance that 'everyone is here to learn'. Principal, Liz Beasley wanted her staff to reconnect with their passion for teaching and build true bonds between students teachers and parents. Starting from the inside out we embarked on a range of 'feel good' measures to engage teachers in a change process focusing on communication, community engagement and celebration. Services delivered: Communications audit, parent forum, physical aesthetics plan, social media training, logo re-design, project and change management, peer coaching.


  • Busting negative myths and empowering community - Bathurst West Public School

    The community perception of schools can ebb and flow but no educational organisation should be negatively known ‘as the school that overlooks the gaol’.  This dynamic school was suffering from a negative perception that had spread through the local community. Using social media as a starting point Principal, Darren Denmead lead a ‘change-ready’ community engagement team with a focus on storytelling to celebrate their educational wins and build bridges with the community to redefine their public persona. Services delivered: Communications audit, physical aesthetics plan, landscaping plan, social media training, logo re-design, project and change management, website redesign.
  • Taking a page out of Narromine’s social media book - Narromine Public School

    In the little town of Narromine in rural NSW, principal Denise Toohey, guided the entire school community on the pros and cons of communicating through social media. The school launched into the world of social media and no stone has been left unturned in the planning process. Using social media the school celebrates learning and life in rural Australia. Leading the way is a dedicated team of staff who have honed their skills in storytelling. Services delivered: Social media training,  project and change management, wellbeing hub, videography, online learning delivery.

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