'Strategies to Make Your Parents Your School Advocates'

'Positive Parents - Engaged Community - Thriving Schools'

Is your school communication and engagement ad hoc and out of date?

Don't let communication and community engagement become the forgotten essentials of your school.

'Discover how my process has helped schools like yours to break the cycle of poor strategic direction and reinvigorate the positive spirit of teachers and parent engagement in schools'

'Communication and Engagement By Design' - large schools program.

Grounded in the latest educational research of family - school partnerships 'Communication and Engagement By Design' is a 12-month project organising your school's online and face-to-face communication. It's goal is to maximise school connectedness, student and parental engagement.

What is 'Communication and Engagement By Design'?

'Communication and Engagement By Design' is a 12-month program organising your school's face-to-face and online communication. It will maximise your school connectedness, student and parental engagement with:

  • An audit and planning day with your communications team
  • Live video conference planning and support time with your communications team each term
  • A communications and engagement plan aligning with your school's strategic direction

'This process helped us as a team to really consider the basic needs of parents when they seek information about what is happening in our school on a daily basis' - Gemma McKay Assistant Principal

Why 'Communication and Engagement By Design'

Communication and community engagement are the unseen yet critical elements in the daily life of a school. My approach applies the research into:

  • School connectedness - refers to students’ sense of belonging, commitment to school, relationships with peers and teachers…opportunities to participate in the school community
  • Student engagement - include enjoyment of school and relationships with teachers and peers; academic performance or attainment; attendance and participation in school
  • Parental engagement - involves partnerships between families and schools to promote children’s learning and wellbeing

'This program helped our team take out the educational jargon and make our communication processes simple' - Claire Terril Teacher

How does 'Communication and Engagement By Design' work in your school?

Your 12-month 'Communication and Engagement By Design' program includes a range of services to provide you with the best opportunity for school improvement including:

  • A 1-day face-to-face audit and planning workshop either onsite at your school or online
  • 2 x 1-hour planning and check-in live video conferences per term to keep you on track
  • An online project management map to record action and collect evidence for easy reporting

'This program helped me re-discover that guiding everyone with a clear message is critical to our enrolments' - Darren Denmead Principal

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