An Onsite Program to Help You Reconnect Your Community

Build a Team – Keep You Accountable – Grow Your School

Community Engagement Should Drive Your School Growth

We Don't Just Care About Communication Tools. We Care About Schools Connecting as Communities

How to Start Your Project

Peter sets high achievable priorities for the team and our school benefits.

Peter Aligns Your Plan with School Priorities

Community Engagement By Design Deliverables

  • A 1-Day onsite communication and engagement audit
  • A review of existing school data, communication tools and hardcopy materials
  • An audit report benchmarked against best education practise

  • A project plan benchmarking your actions against the 7 dimensions of community engagement
  • A high performing project management team
  • Project support and advice

How will you school benefit from a Community Engagement By Design Project?

Community Engagement By Design organises your school's online and face-to-face communication to maximise school connectedness, student and parental engagement. It addresses negative myths, history, location, physical setting and BBQ talk which impact how parents perceive and interact with your school.

It reinvigorates the strengths of education and the positive role schools have in out community.

5 Minute Social Media

Risk Health Check

Three easy steps to understand your social media risk and take action for a safe, secure school.

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