At face value it seems like a simple question but it is more complex and constantly changing. So what can you do to make the relationship between parents, students and teachers invigorating, sustainable and COVID proof?

Research tells us that, ‘helping families understand the importance of education strongly predicts student success’ (2018 University of Tasmania).

Assisting with parent understanding is also known as ‘Academic Socialization’ and can be placed into 5 categories:

  • Communicate high expectations
  • Monitor child performance
  • Support learning at home
  • Guide their child’s education
  • Advocate for their child

When it comes to schools in general. What we find is that most schools are on the red line to relationship breakdown. The reality is it’s a function of drifting on these 5 categories. Schools have lost focus or never had focus.

There are some schools who are on the green line to be completely robust and the difference is they know it! They have a definite purpose.