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'Take a deeper dive into my work'

Do you struggle with actioning your school plan? Is your communication not 'cutting' through'?

  • Is there never enough time to work 'on' you school?
  • Do you find it difficult to bring your school strategic plan to life?
  • Are you a great school planner but become frustrated with your implementation?
  • Are you looking for external support to take things to the next level?
  • Does your school strategically consider its communication to maximise community engagement?
  • Is your school messaging lost in educational jargon for parents?
  • Does your school suffer from negative myths?
  • Are you maximising your use of social media to create community?

A process that works for any size of school

  • Small Schools
  • Primary schools
  • High schools
  • Rural and remote schools

'Discover how my process has helped schools like yours to break the cycle of poor strategic direction and reinvigorate the positive spirit of teachers and parent engagement in schools'

What makes my process so different?

Using a simple 'appreciative inquiry' process of envisioning what will be, discovering your strengths, designing your actions and keeping you accountable I have successfully worked with 500+ schools and counting on their strategic plans, communication and community engagement.

Are you a large school? Try our 'solo' change program.

In an effort to keep up with technological change, schools jump from one communication trend to the next, stretching resources, creating risk, providing confusing messages and negating genuine engagement.

High performing communication and community engagement needs a high performing team to ensure a clear and consistent message. My 'Communication and Engagement By Design' program is a seamless fit for your school's approach to change. More...

'His expertise and ability to unpack what is happening in my school is uncanny. He anchors his work and benchmarks it with research. Then he makes it happen for us'! - Liz Beasley Principal

Are you a small school? Try our 'group' change program.

For small school principals designing and implementing your school plan can be onerous and frustrating. If you are time poor maintaining milestones, collecting evidence and meeting mandatory deadlines gets lost in the daily life of a small school.

My 'Action By Design', program is a simple, powerful project management, coaching and support process that brings your school plan to life in your community that I have specifically designed for small schools. More...

'Knowing that I have direct support for myself and my school from an experienced educator puts my mind at ease especially when working with difficult situations'. - Craig Booth Principal

Do you want social media that works for your school? Try our 'high performing' social media program.

If your school is already 'officially' online there is a strong likelihood that it is not getting the most out of its efforts. If your school is not officially online, it is running a very real risk of reputation damage while missing out on the massive benefits that social media can bring to community engagement.

High performing social media is what great schools do! More...

'Peter took away the burden of social media. He knows the risks and then positions social media as a powerful community engagement tool giving us fresh eyes to tell our story'.  Philippa Hughes Deputy Principal